It is mandatory for students to maintain an eighty-five percent (85%) attendance in an academic year; however, we aim for 100% attendance of our students.

Late arrivals

The School gate closes at the stipulated time given by the different branches of HPSC. All students are expected to reach school at least 10 minutes before this time. Students coming late will be issued warning slips for every 3 late comings and charged Rs.10 per day for each late arrival. In case the child comes late for the 4th time he/she will not be allowed to enter the school gate and will have to go back home.


Leave application must be submitted within two days of the leave, otherwise students will be marked absent. A medical certificate is also necessary in case of a sick leave.

Short Leave

As a school rule students are not allowed to avail short leave at all. If a child has an appointment with the doctor, an application from the Parents must be received first thing in the morning.

Toys and other items from home

Students are not allowed to bring toys/ fancy stationery/ any valuable items to school. The school will not be responsible for these items if lost.

Labelling of items

All items like school bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, clothing(blazer, sweater, necktie) etc. must be clearly labelled, indicating the child’s name, class and section, with a permanent marker. Unnamed and unclaimed clothing along with other articles are donated to charity.

Daily check of school bags by the parents

Parents are requested to check their child’s school bag daily and ensure that the books and notebooks are brought according to the timetable. Students are not allowed to bring fancy stationary and school bags, trolley bags, electronic gadgets such as cell phones, cameras/i-pod/ walkman/discman to school. All confiscated items will be donated to charity.

Lost and found

Lost and found items are collected and displayed for parents and students in a specified area near the Front Office. Unclaimed items are sent to a charitable organizations at the end of the term.

Birthday Celebration

Kindly remember that students are not allowed to celebrate their birthdays in school. Make sure that you do not send any cakes/toffees/giveaways with your child on his birthday. The school authorities will not distribute invitation cards nor share contact numbers or addresses of other students.


Please make sure that your children come to school in their proper uniform and look neat and tidy. Boys should have a short haircut (short back, front & sides).Students must have trimmed nails, and shoes must be polished. Slips will be issued to anyone coming in the wrong uniform. After three slips, a fine of Rs.100 will be charged on each slip. Girls must have their hair neatly tied.
Students who wear a headscarf must wear a uniform scarf or duppatta.

Lunch / Snacks

We would like our students to bring wholesome snacks instead of junk food and also ensure that they bring lunch along with them in the morning as (no lunchbox will be accepted) after the gate closes. Children should bring their own drinking water. Filtered water from the electronic cooler is available but it’s not boiled.

Fee policy

• Fee at HPSC is charged monthly. Summer vacations are charged bi-monthly.
• Fee bills are usually issued around the 01st – 05th of the current month and are sent to parents through the students. It is the responsibility of the parents to inquire if they have not received the fee bills.
• Late fee fines will be charged if dues are not cleared by the stipulated date.
• If the dues remain unpaid until the due date HPSC will issue letters stopping children from attending school. If the dues remain unpaid for 30 days from the due date of the fee HPSC reserves the right to remove the name of the student from the school rolls.
• If a student leaves HPSC, at least one month’s advance notice should be given in writing or one month’s fee should be deposited with the school.
• If a student leaves HPSC without one month’s advance written notice or one month’s fee deposited, no school leaving certificate and / or transcript will be released.
• If any student is appearing in final exams and wants to leave the school after the exams, he / she will be required to pay all outstanding fees including the fee for the exam month.

Communication and SMS Service

The school uses SMS’s, notices and letters to communicate with parents. Notices/Permission letters for events/trips are only valid if signed by the authorised school administration.


If any parent or student misbehaves with any teacher, principal or staff member of HPSC or brings the name of HPSC into disrepute, the school reserves the right to immediately expel their child/ren.

Appointments / Meetings

Meetings will be set up from Monday – Thursday by the Front Offices. It is mandatory to bring the CNIC and submit it at the gate. Kindly cooperate with our staff for the security check. Timings for the meetings will be 9:00 am – 12:00 noon.