MOU signed b/w Sahil and Zareena Muzaffar Trust

An MOU have been signed between Zareena Muzaffar Trust and SAHIL(NGO) for the period of 3 years to launch a campaign against child sexual abuse in Kasur. Executive Director of Sahil Ms. Manizeh Bano, National Program Manager Sahil, Ms. Rizwana Akhtar and Mr. Imran visited trust office in Changa Manga (Kasur) to finalize the plan.
Adults have authority and power over children. When an adult abuses a child’s trust and misuses his or her authority to engage the child in any sexual activity, it is termed child sexual abuse. Child molestation is no longer a secret or something that can only happen to other people. It crosses all socio-economic and educational levels. The sex offenders may be people we meet every day. They can be of any sexual preference.
The chance is great that the victim knows the offender. Kasur has been a victim of child sexual abuse and many criminal cases in this regard have been registered in this regard in different police stations of the district, and many are those which are never reported.
This program will ensure that 15 master trainers will train 1350 teachers in 3 years against child sexual abuse. These 1350 teachers will implement the program in schools with 80 students per teacher for 3 years which will finally spread awareness in about 108,000students in a period of 3 years. The program will also provide teachers with an understanding on child rights. The aim of the program is to sensitize teachers regarding child abuse.Sahil will also provide teachers with tools that will help them to address protection related issues with children.
Sardar Muhammad Asif Nakai (MNA), Sheikh Ala-ud-Din (MPA), Malik Jamil Ahmad Kalas, President PPP Kasur, G.A. Khan Advocate, Munir Ahmad Bhatti Advocate, Munir Ahmad Khan Saqi, G.Secretary District Union of Journalist Kasur, Rana Safdar Hussain Chairman Kasur Teachers Association and Shabbir Ahmad Hashmi of Private Schools Association have lauded the efforts of SAHIL to spread awareness against child sexual abuse in the district.

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