Flood Relief Camp By HPSC

Students of HAZARA PUBLIC SCHOOL & COLLEGE (Changa Manga) donated these relief goods from their pocket money. These are the pictures of the distribution of Relief Goods in the flood affectees of Bait Nishan Wala, Bait Lomber Wala, Bait Chajre Wala, Bait Qaim Wala, Basti Nutqani, Basti Ameer Shah, Basti Langah, and a few villages Daira Deen Panah. It was very hard to reach there even. There were no roads. But we did it with the support and guidance of our local coordinator, very dear brother Umair Murtaza Langah. Thanks, Umair, Umer and Shehbaz, and especially Zafar Bhai. Without your support, it was almost impossible to reach those people. Monday, September 6, 2010

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