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Historical background of the institution!

Education is a reflection of the life of any society. Kasur District is one of the oldest districts of the Indian subcontinent but it has lagged far behind its contemporary districts in terms of educational development. Whenever the history of its educational development and promotion is known, the name of Matarara Pak School and College will be at the top of the list of architects of education. Changa Manga was immersed in the darkness of ignorance. In 1985, Mr. Manzoor Ahmad Khan Sahib, son of Mr. Manzafar Khan and his wife Mr. M. Akhtar Akhtar Sahib laid the foundation of an institution. The school with a few rooms became famous all over Pakistan when it was awarded the title of Best Primary School of Lahore Division by the Federal Ministry of Education in 1989. His veteran teachers and administration lit such a candle of knowledge in a small village that in the years to come he was awarded three consecutive awards from the Federal Ministry of Education and one fellow Presidential Medal for Excellence. Student students, Army officers, anchors, lawyers, teachers, law enforcement agencies and various public and private institutions have their existing skills diversified. The College is a parent-friendly educational institution due to its educational system and high values. The uniqueness of this institution lies in the fact that it is the only institution in your area that simultaneously serves as the Greater High School, Boys High School Girls College and Boys College of Science and Arts. Affiliated with Lahore Board in all fields. Hazara Pack School & College has inaugurated its new branch in Tahmar this year, promising you the best and highest education. Equipped with all the facilities of this beautiful and beautiful building of your history, this institution is a harbinger of a better future for your children. Will definitely be selected as an educational institution.


Hazara Public School & Collage aims to provide quality education of an international standard. We aim for excellence through quality management, quality training and quality teaching, bringing benefits to our students, the community and the wider world.




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